Wiezen android app

The android app “wiezen bij Bram”  I made was recently released on the google play store. It is now possible to play the card game wiezen with other people on http://ictbram.be/wiezen also on android. It is a game that has to be played with 4. You need to arrange a meeting with 3 other players.
A few years ago I’ve made a webversion of the game in flash.

The app is also made in flash with adobe air  and the Starling game engine. It is compatible with the webversion where it is possible to add computer players. They play by the rules, but just choose random cards. You can test or learn the game with the computer players, but you should play against real players.

The game uses the server software and library, union wich is installed on a raspberry pi at my home. The language of the game is Dutch.
There are some screenshots on http://ictbram.be/wiezen/android.html

I’ve also made a little promotion video with friends and family playing the game:


The video is created with the great free software package blender. This software is mainly for making 3D movies and images, but has a nice build in video editor as well.

The little star animation and credits were too made with blender.