My mom has discovered zentangle a while ago. That is drawing repetitive patterns on little cards and making compositions. It’s fairly new, but a lot people enjoy doing this apparently. Lots of wonderful work is being made and it has a meditatively effect while doing this. It ‘s something my mom loves to do these days. With some help from my father to set up a wordpress system, she started her own blog, tangledreams.be, where she writes about zentangle.
One time she asked me, my brother and father to create a little zentangle drawing for her, with help from a book with lots of tangles (patterns) to choose from and step by step instructions to draw that specific tangle. I enjoyed the drawing tangles experience and understand the effect, that it is meditatively.

Normally, drawing zentangles, is done on little pieces of paper, but since I am a digital guy, who likes animation and has a wacom drawing tablet at hand, I tried a little experiment with drawing tangles on that and make an animation with it in Flash.
I have chosen 3 really simple patterns, made an easy composition on a frame and did a slightly different redraw on the next frame.
There are just a few frames and I put some code on it, to move frames on mouse move after click or touch move. The swf output from flash was converted to javascript with Google Swiffy so it can be used on mobile devices. A bit of animation is seen while swiping the drawing.
The result is on ictbram.be/zentangle


It’s just a simple experiment I did at the end of a few days, one frame a day. While doing this, I felt the good effect for clearing your mind again.
Zentangle is something you can do, to meditate and do something artistic as well I’ll remember.

** Update 03/04/2016

From now on I’m going to post my zentangle animation experiments at https://ictbram.com/ZentangleAni. I’ve tried creating gif files, also javascript and WebGL, that gives much better results on most devices.