Musical notes helper app with godot

For a few years I’ve been learning how to play or compose music, just a bit on the side, a bit of theory, a bit of piano lessons.
In the summer of 2017 I’ve started the music theory for electronic music course.
I really enjoyed taking the course, made by a good instructor. Lots of mechanics and concepts in musicĀ am I beginning to get thanks to his lessons.
Creating music, composing or playing requires a lot of logic and reasoning.
To assist me with this, I wanted an helper app so I have created one.

The first two big chapters in the music theory for electronic music course were all about major and minor scales, the chords, inversions. The app was designed during these classes.
In the third and final chapter however, he starts with more special things like modes, pentatonic scales, chromatic mediants, exotic scales.
For these kind of, interesting, things my application was not yet usuable, so I put in an extra feature, the possibility to put in a “custom” scale, so you can also configure, most of, these kinds of things to assist you with.

In 2017 I’ve also started, at a really slow pace, to learn the marvelous, free and open source Godot game engine and decided to combine both domains into a project, which resulted in this musical notes helper app.

godotengine logo

The app is exported as a windows, linux, mac, android and html5 app. Sadly, the html5 version does not work in safari, so the app is currently not usable on apple devices (iPhones and iPads)
It was created with Godot 2.1. Version 3.0 of the Godot engine is just released which includes webassembly support, may have better exporting for these devices, but requires some code modifications and all. 3.1 is around the corner. It may be possible I create a new version with the new engine if the html5 export works on those devices.
I’ve also not yet succeeded to publish to the microsoft store as I did with my previous game, 3d-pong. I’m going to try to publish this project there as well.

The html5 export does work on the Xbox One’s browser, Edge. For easier access I’ve put a link to the html5 export on My plan is to link all things I’m going to publish around music over there.