Here you can set a custom scale.

The custom scale is here in the key of C. You can initialize it in major or minor and then adjust it with the “ON” and “OFF” buttons to indicate whether the note is in the scale or not. In the screenshot above, C minor is adjusted.

From update 1.1 it’s possible to save multiple custom keys. You can give it a name and add the new custom scale with the “Add” button. That custom scale now has all the currently selected notes in this screen and those can be adjusted when it’s selected. The selection box is on the right of the “Minor” button. The selected custom scale here will show in the main screen when custom is chosen there. “Delete” will remove the selected custom scale.

In order to be able to use a custom scale, “Switch to adjusted” should be set to “ON” in the settings screen
Then you can press “Custom” next to “Major” in the main screen.

When a custom scale name was given, it shows next to the Key letter in stead of “Custom”.
“Lydian” in screenshot above.

Press a key button to show the adjusted scale in the desired key.