Micro Star Fighter

Shoot your way trough the galaxy on your mobile device

Posted In: | September 5th, 2013


Micro Star Fighter is a free touch game for mobile devices.

You can control your space fighter by touching  the screen. It will fly towards that point and fire lasers straight ahead.

Before you can start playing, you need to insert a player name.


You can spin around and fire twice when you double tap, but then, you can no longer steer. You will keep flying in the direction you were going.


You can regain health by flying into the green healthboxes.

The objectives are the following:

Level 1


Get trough the astroid field and destroy as much astroids as possible.


Level 2


Destroy as much enemies on your screen as you can and don’t get hit.

The enemies are firing straight in front of them.


Level 3


Destroy as much enemies on your screen as possible.

The enemies are firing in your direction.


Level 4


Destroy the boss.

Start by shooting the canons on his sides.


Level 5


This level is endless.

Destroy as much enemies as possible to improve your highscore.




The highest 10 scores are being saved on your device with each gameover.



The game stops when it loses focus. When you press the android back button for example.

Your progress is being saved with each level complete.


You can continue your game from the level you were playing the next time you start by choosing continue.

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