This is a list of  tools that I’m using and are freely available. Maybe you can use certain pieces of it.
Several are completely free and / or open source, a few the more limited free editions, but still very useful.

For creative stuff:

A free, open source, 3D creation tool. It can also be used as a video editor. It does take some time to learn, but there are several websites that have free online lessons.
BlenderGuru and BlenderCookie are two that I’ve started with and enjoyed. There are also a lot of other good blender tutorials and instructors to find on the internet, youtube.comudemy

Godot game engine
Marvelous, cross platform, open source, free, game engine. It has lots of nice features, 2D, 3D, nice scripting, many exporting options including windows, linux, mac, android, html5 and a nice community on facebook including developers of the engine.

Visual Studio Code
A free, open source code editor from Microsoft. Cross platform, lot’s of plugins, can open quickly any directory to work in.
Remote developing trough ssh

Netbeans IDE
A bigger, cross-platform, free code editor for the web. I use this one for bigger web projects.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
Resynthesizer plugin to give Gimp something like Photoshop's content aware fill. Just extract in the plugins folder. It's under Filters > enhance in the menu then.

Very nice pixel program. Good workflow to get things rapidly done, you can just drag other images into an image, import as layers, very pleasant

GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing. Full-featured open-source framework for image processing, comes as a Gimp plugin, it has lots of wonderful image filters.
It's included in Krita by default. Filters > Repair > Inpaint Multi-Scale can also do something like Photoshop's content aware fill.

A free vector drawing program.

Gamepad Piano 
Free software to create music with a gamepad on one of your devices. Available on windows, linux, mac, android and html5. The app also works with touch, mouse and a computer keyboard.

For sound file editing.

Create virtual midi ports in windows.

Free open source music creation software for the desktop.

Hitfilm express
Free version of Hitfilm, pro video editing software.

Open Broadcaster Software
Free open source screen capture software.

TEncoder Video Converter
Free open source video conversion software. (GUI for FFMpeg, MEncoder and MPlayer)

Free, cross platform, open source video transcoder for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.

Android virtual machines in conjunction with Virtualbox, free for personal use, wonderful tool. You can download various phone model images after installing Virtualbox and Genymotion.

Tortoisegit and tortoisesvn
Git and subversion into the windows shell, no command line for me with these things.

Tool for generating texture height, diffuse, normal, .. maps from a single image, it also got functionality to make the maps tileable, really easy.
It’s made with unity, but the code of the tool is free (GPL). Windows only at the moment of writing.

For sysadmin/maintenance things on windows:

Burnaware free
Disc burning software. I use it to create iso files from a cd,dvd,.. disk. (copy to Image button on the front page)

Virtual Clonedrive
Software to mount images under windows.

EaseUS Partition Master Free
A free windows partition manager. Very nice tool. I’ve used it to resize windows system partitions.
It seems that is no longer available in the free edition, but that's now possible with the Disk Management tool in windows 11, maybe earlier too.

Hiren’s boot cd
A bootable cd with a lot of tools. I have mainly used it to reset windows passwords.

For doing this: choose mini windows xp on the boot menu,  hbcd menu on the desktop and then it’s under programs > passwords / keys > windows login > NTPVEdit
or Offline NT/2000/Xp/Vista/7 password changer from the main menu. Some extra googling / registry editing may be necessary.

Making backups is important I think. When you run linux there is rsync, but for windows you can use this free tool for folder comparison and synchronization to other disks for backup.

Rufus or unetbootin (Cross platform)
To create a bootable usb drive from an ISO image.

Create images from sd cards (press read) or move an image to an sd card (press write).

Bulk Rename Utility
Very nice tool for batch renaming filenames.
To replace a certain part of the filename use the Replace (3) boxes. You can get a preview of the changes the program will make.
It’s free for personal use.

grep -R “text you search” .
Grep on windows





Used this free disktool to resize an exFat sd card.


Grub customizer
Convenient for editing the grub config instead of editing the textfile
$ sudo pico /etc/default/grub
$ sudo update-grub

Linux mint
Nice distribution I recommend for everyone to try. It’s the most easy linux to get started with I think. Pretty good hardware recognition. With this you can transform older computers into stable, very usable machines again, in stead of having to buy new hardware.

Cross platform:
File synchronisation application to bring multiple directories, on different locations, in sync. Works really well.

Send audio output of computer to an android device, from windows or linux.