Here you can make more settings. All options you choose are immediately saved.

At the top left you can set the type of minor:

By default it is set to “Natural”, you can switch it to “Harmonic” or “Melodic”.

If you set “Switch to custom” to “ON”, you will see a “Custom” button in the main screen, instead of “Minor”, next to the “Major” button with which you can switch to the set, adjusted scale.

The custom scale that is then displayed can be set in the “Custom scale screen“, you can access it via the “edit custom” button in the settings screen.

The switch next to “Show 7th chord note” will, if the scale has so many notes, show the 7th note next to the 1st, 3rd and 5th chord notes in a lighter red color.

The “Fullscreen” button can switch between viewing on a fullscreen or in a window.

The button “Open” next to Circle of the 5th will show next screen to be able to spy which scales are close together.

You can choose another language by pressing the button next to language with the currently set language.
There will be a popup with a choice of “English”, “Deutsch”, “Français”, “Español” and “Dutch”. After having made a selection, the app must be restarted to be displayed in that language.

After making a new language choice, an extra message and button will be displayed. You can exit the app by pressing the “Stop the app” button.
In the web version, you should always press this button to save the setting and the page must be reloaded.

The “Defaults” button will show the following confirmation screen:

Pressing “Yes” resets all settings to the default values.