Flash to html5

Today I published a little swf animation that can be seen in the browsers of iphones and ipads 😀
It’s nothing fancy, just a test:
With the google swiffy service, this is really easy. Just upload the swf here: https://www.google.com/doubleclick/studio/swiffy/ and they return an html5 canvas.
I love it. It’s possible to include some actionscript and have movieclips inside movieclips.
Flash is a great tool for creating interactive animation and this makes it publishable inside browsers without the plugin. Alright.
There are a some limitations, currently there is a maximum filesize of 1 MB and not all actionscript works.
But still, swiffy is pretty good, my swf was compiled with assets inside a swc and the tweenlite libray used from inside a swc worked in another test. Great stuff.