Single player Wiezen game

The most important project in my free time, “Wiezen bij Bram” is a multiplayer game. It relies on a socket server and users with active internet connections. There is a web version with simple computer players and an android version. Recently I combined the code I’ve written in the past 3 years for this into a new application, a single player version. I named it “Wiezen ICTBram” and it’s released on the google play store.
Combining the code and replacing the socket server was actually not that hard. I just used simple as3 events instead of messages being pushed around by the socketserver. It went smooth. That was what I was hoping for. I like writing Actionscript 3 with my beloved code editor FDT so this was pretty fun for me. The previous computerplayers were playing by the rules of the Belgian card game “Wiezen”, but they just chose random cards. This code still exists in the game when you choose gemakkelijk (easy) as moeilijkheid (difficulty) when starting. In this version I’ve added extra logic to make the computerplayers smarter and to make the game more interesting. This happens when you start the game with difficulty normal. That is the default setting.
I hope the game is downloaded, played and enjoyed by many.