My first 3D print

My first 3d print turned ok yesterday. It’s a bottle opener you can hang on your keychain. In the past, I always had a cigarette lighter in my pocket I could use for opening bottles, but since I no longer smoke, that was no longer the case and I wanted to build something to fix that problem.
It has ictbram letters printed on it to show I designed it.


I’ve used blender 3D to design the model and got it printed at in Antwerp. The cost was 17.5 euro in total, 10 euro for setting up and 75 cent per gram for printing.
Preparing the model in Blender was not that hard. I looked at some info online for 3D printing with blender: and
On the first link they say to check for manifolds with shift-ctrl-alt m in edit mode and on the second link they say to do a boolean operation for connecting 2 objects.
I checked for manfolds, corrected a thing, converted the text to a mesh, joined the text ictbram and the object with a boolean modifier.
I contacted 3dprintfactory. They instructed me to bring the model in .STL format. That’s simple with blender, just choose to export to that format.
Apparently it’s best the object is completely flat on the bottom, that makes sense, but I didn’t know that. My model got a thickness difference if it lays on the side that’s best for the print. For supporting the model when printing, a bridge is also printed to correct that difference. That bridge is the same material, it can be removed, but removing that always leaves traces.

In the evening I opened a few coke bottles, but regrettable, the material is not hard enough. Opening the bottles has left some marks on my opener as you can see. Oh well, It was my first try at 3d printing and I learned some things.


At 3dprintfactory I got 2 software tips for correcting and checking 3D models for printing:
Meshlab and netfabb 

** Update 01/09/2015

A few days after printing I noticed it’s possible to do stainless steal 3d prints with shapeways and they gave free shipping in august.

ictbram keychain bottle opener

I’ve made it a bit smaller, flat on the bottom and the result is good. It still works great and stainless steal is a nice material for this.

If you want it, you can order it here. This is a personal experiment. I do not have a business and can not accept payments. The price of the item is only for shapeways, but I still would like people buying it because it has my brandname on it 🙂
Only buy if you have money to spare, 31.74 euro + shipping is a bit expensive for a bottle opener I think.

Or print it yourself:
You can download the .blend file for Blender and the .stl file I sent to shapeways. The dimensions I choose were :

5.266 cm 4.796 cm 0.684 cm

Smaller dimensions won’t give a functional model anymore.